Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taking Out the Thrash

Whew! Things got a little exciting at the end there, huh? If it's one thing the Caps like to do, it's add a little drama to our otherwise humdrum lives. I should really thank them for taking years off my life...that is, once my heart starts beating at a normal pace again.

First of all, mad props and rounds of applause and curtain calls and ticker tape parades for Brent Johnson, who finally picked up another win in one of his best performances in months. I know, the Thrashers scored early but that wasn't Johnny's fault - that was all bad turnovers and bad D. As usual. He really came through for the Caps tonight and held them in during those tenuous last few minutes with the 6 on 3 and the scary shots and the firing squad and the crazy Atlanta fans. (Did I mention...WHEW?)

Then there's the Man himself, Alexander Ovechkin, who is on fire since going on an iPod-smashing, stick-breaking, Olie-imitating "rampage" a few days ago (which for the record has been blown way out of proportion and I'm sick of it so that will be the last mention of it in these here parts...). Whatever gets him so pumped up for Atlanta games should be bottled and sold to the rest of the team, because he becomes a mad man whenever he hits the ATL.

Say what you will about "thrilling" Southeast Division matchups, but this rivalry with Atlanta has turned into a really interesting one. I'd say at least 2/3 of the games this season have had some exciting element to them, whether it be a line brawl or an overtime or just a hard-fought game. The Caps may be wallowing at the bottom of both the division and conference standings, but they seem to have a little fire in their britches everytime they meet the Thrashers - and that can only be good, since these divisional alignments appear to be here at least for the next few seasons.

But anyways. Two wins in a row including one on the road, star performances by the guys who should be the stars...and the Buffaslugs lurking in the wings for Saturday's season closer. Lots of hockey between now and then, though, and lots of other goodies coming your way:

- Don't forget to come out and see all your old favorites...okay, all MY old Friday's
Caps Alumni game. See if Locker can back up his mouth with some moves and don't forget to wave hi to my boy Cote as he makes his triumphant return to DC!

Oh, and I think some guy named Langway might be there. I guess that's exciting, too.

- Follow up the last game of the season with a gathering to mourn/celebrate the end of another season - JP over at the Rink has put together a big end-of-season bonanza. From all accounts it looks like it will be the place to be, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

Details are
here...and here...and here...and I'm sure a dozen other places thanks to the lovable monster that is the Caps blogging circle :)

- Mike Vogel is the man. Standing up for the little guy and saying it with a wit and intelligence that I often try and steal emulate - first
Gordo, now Eminger. Nice work as always, Mike!

- A special shout-out to whomever found this site by searching for "women covered in oil". I don't know how you did it, but I hope you find what you are looking for...and stay 50 feet away from me at all times, you sick sick freak.

Lots of important games over the next few days for those teams lucky enough to be going to the show or at least fighting for the chance. I'll be here sharing every heart attack as my Habs and Flames make that final postseason the meantime, 2 POINT NIGHT CAPS FANS!!


Netsrak said...

"Women covered in oil"? Don't look at me, I got here by searching for "Crosby sex god".

CapsChick said...

Sure, Netsy. I'm waiting for you to arrive here by searching for "Crosby covered in oil"...admit it, you know you want to.