Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Standings and Forecasts, Round 2

Now that the second round is underway, it's time to check out where our bloggers stand after the first round and see who they picked for the Conference Semifinals! Unfortunately Google Spreadsheets aren't being nice to me, so you have to go out in search of it:

Those top four participants by the way are separated by one point in the overall standings and have startlingly similar responses. Those of you in that top group, I'll be in touch within the next few days with the tie-breaker's tie-breaker - hopefully that will help uncover one winner this time around.


Just a reminder, the full list of bloggers and their sites can be found here. (And yes, I know we're missing one...*ahem* Steph...Update: Steph was kind enough to send me her picks after I openly mocked her, so everyone is on there now. Boy, I miss being a student!)

Peanut gallery, any comments? Thoughts? Musings to be read aloud in mocking tones?


Steph said...


Blame uh, Toni Morrison and a shitload of kanji that needed to be memorized.

And certainly not the fact that I seem to forget that the playoffs do not revolve around the Wings and that there were games tonight. I mean. What?

Elly said...

Haha, yeah right, I say something mocking and I get chosen next round to be nice to the Caps or something. ;)

Matthew Macaskill said...

Hmm, methinks a third tie-breaker will be required... :D

CapsChick said...

Steph: Being a conscientious student is no excuse! This is the playoffs - PRIORITIES! :)

Elly: Pffft. If you think you're safe if you don't say anything mocking...I'm just saying, if a Caps fan wins the next round outright they get to pick 3 bloggers. There are 3 Penguins fans. You do the math. ;)

Matthew: It's CRAZY close right now - I may have to add a few extra tie-breakers for everyone just in case.

Elly said...

Well....'safe' wouldn't be the word I would use, more like 'without a bullseye specifically placed on my chest'...right over where the Penguins' crest rests on my heart~.

Sherry said...

Man, it feels good to see my name so close to the top. You mean my guess for "537" shots on goal wasn't enough for me to beat them? Now I have to write about the Habs....yeeeeeesh.

kristin said...

Ohmygod I am so excited not to be last...or are those bottom five people just tied for last place? Damn!