Monday, April 16, 2007

Motown Needs a Straitjacket & So Do I

- The NBC commentators mentioned that some teams intimidate their opponent with physicality, while others use talent to intimidate. Detroit has gone a whole other direction...make 'em think you're CRAZY! Tomas Holmstrom demonstrates:

- it just me or are most of these series getting downright exciting? Forget the fact that only three of the sixteen teams have yet to win a game. Most of the games have been really exciting, and with each game the play gets more intense, more physical. Guys are already playing with serious injuries. Bad blood is boiling between more than a few teams. Sidney Crosby has gotten punched in the face at least twice already (which means I have fallen off the couch laughing at least twice already). This is just some darn good hockey.

No point to make, no sweeping generality or lesson for the day - just that. It's been some darn good hockey...and we're not even done with the first round.

- In case you haven't noticed by now, I LOVE the playoffs. And if you think I'm nuts this year, wait until the Caps venture into the postseason again. I kid you not, this blog will literally explode with insanity.

Here are a few of the things I love about the NHL's Second Season:

Playoff beards • Sweeps • Underdogs • Battle scars • 4-OT games • Unexpected heroes • Stars playing like stars • Impossible saves • Impossible goals • Bone-rattling checks • Monochromatic clothing in the stands • Home ice advantage • Stealing home ice advantage • Hockey 7 nights a week • Bonus CBC coverage • Cinderella stories • #8 seeds in the Finals • A rookie winning the Cup • An aging veteran winning his first Cup • Sportsmanship • Post-series handshakes • The championship team photo •The Stanley Cup

I know I'm not alone here. What do you love about the playoffs?


Sherry said...

I love a lot of the things that you love but I think the part I love most is the fact that the game is a step up more intense. You can see more passion from the guys and the fact that they're playing for pride and glory and not the paycheque, knowing that they don't get paid for the playoffs.

Biff said...

I suppose this probably falls under the heading of "Bonus CBC coverage", but I simply cannot get enough of Jim Hughson doing play by play.

Also, three hockey games, on my TV, without the aid of Center Ice, all in one day. Nice.

Chris said...

I love how Calgary's play so far has made me need to look twice to see if I wasn't watching a rebroadcast of a Cap's regular season game.

Oh, and a minimum of two games a night, every night.

The Comedy of the Bud Light commercials (Bring back Wingman and wingdog)

And lastly, the familiar CBC announcer's voices from back home.

Shelby said...

Hey, what games did Sid get punched in? I need to YouTube it and watch it over and over again.

Paul Nichols said...

The best part about the playoffs is that the entire level of play raises in a way that other sports do not.

I was at the first EVER home playoff game for the Caps (1983)and tell my kids that I've never seen anything like that.

I still have that pom-pon they gave out too!

Elly said...

Sidney has been punched/elbowed in the face at least three times....last game alone. You need to pay more attention to his abuse. ;)

I agree with Sherry: the intensity is what it's all about. The series with Ottawa has it all, fights, grudges, great goals, spectacular saves, facial hair gone wild (um, maybe moreso for Ottawa), comebacks and a rousing underdog finish for the Pens (shhh, it can happen).

CapsChick said...

Nice work, guys! I agree with everyone's additions...

Chris: That's why that last game looked so familiar. Thank you. I kept looking for Bryan Muir on the point during power plays...

Shelby: Every game. It's awesome. I'm falling in love with the Senators.

Elly: *Ahem* Well. I think one of those was because Sid the Kid got a little stick-happy with Philips. The others were just...hehehehe.

I did laugh and rewind Malkin when he came flying through the air after that last one. He looked like some deranged monkey, it was HILARIOUS.

And don't worry, as soon as your boys hit puberty I'm sure they'll be able to grow some playoff beards of their very own.

(Wow, I got 3 snarky shots at the Pens in one comment - now that's talent, wouldn't you say?) ;)

Elly said...

Ahh well, say all you want about the Malkin hug-grab-tackle thing, I'm happy he did it. He's such a mellow player, I hardly ever see him do anything like that. (Yes, it WAS funny...)

And I'm so proud! That does indeed take some talent, they were all very good jabs. :p

Bryan said...

I love the way that the team captain will refuse to even touch the conference championship trophy because he doen't want to jinx himself out of the Cup.