Monday, April 02, 2007

Julien Julienned


Boy, Lou runs a tough ship. That's with a winning record and dropping only one of their last five games. They're still even hanging on to first in the Atlantic. I'm sure that's likely to get the message boards fired up over why Hanlon still has a job.

Kids, we don't want to follow the example set by the Devils or Loopy Lou Lamoriello. I promise. If every coach with a losing record was fired there would be no one left with a job. If it's a consistent problem, say four or five years straight, then we'll talk, but being a sub-.500 team is no reason to can a guy who has done so much with so little, at least in my opinion.

As for Julien, he is a good guy and a solid coach, at least from what I remember from his days in Montreal. This is definitely surprising, but I guess Lou thought he could do better...although really, how hard would it be to coach that team? Here's an example:

"Boys, clog up that neutral zone. You call that clogged? I've got sinks clearer than that! And defense, just hold off whatever you can - Marty will handle the rest. Marty, you feelin' good? Great. Let's pencil you in for a day off in 2010."

I kid. I would never be able to do it.

I'd totally run out of 'clogged' metaphors halfway through the season.

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