Friday, April 27, 2007

From Russia to Toronto

- Thanks to the live streaming efforts of, I caught part of Team USA's first game at the World Championships in Moscow - and before you ask, yes, I was at work, and no, I probably wasn't supposed to be watching hockey while at work. Happy?

The US looks like they're off to a good start. Now, to be fair, comparing the Austrian national team to the US, Canadian, Russian or Czech teams is like comparing my high school orchestra to the National Symphony. Still it was an interesting game from what I saw, capped off by a goal by our captain and theirs, Chris Clark.

As we speak I have just started watching Russia vs. Denmark - and before you ask, yes, I'm still at work, and no, I still probably shouldn't be watching hockey while at work. I'm at least doing work at the same time, so I think that counts. Anyways, it's 4-1...oops, wait, make that 5-1, just about 6 minutes into the 2nd period. Thank you, Andrei Markov. Ovechkin just finished a shift where he was hitting every one in sight, and the Russian fans are doing the wave.

6-1. This is going to get ugly. Of course, if Austria's team is equivalent to my high school orchestra, Denmark's is a group of two year olds with kazoos. And thanks to some early playoff exits, the Russian team is brimming with talent and looks very scary. Seriously. I think the Danish goalie is crying.

I'm just continuously amazed at the technological advances that help crazy hockey fans (oops, 7-1...) like me watch hockey live from Russia. It's just amazing that techn-OVECHKIN! 8-1! (sans the blue visor, by the way...)

Anyways, was I saying?

Oh, right. Technology. It's a great thing.

You know what's really amazing? I am able to get live, fairly clear, buffer-free footage of a tournament happening halfway around the world...yet for some reason I can't get Center Ice online to work consistently. I couldn't get the Ottawa-New Jersey game last night, and that was just happening up I-95.

Crazy, crazy world.

- So I'm taking a very brief recess from my Penguin-hate and diverting it north, just for a moment...and for no apparent reason. Don't worry, we'll get back to the random acts of violence against all things Penguin-esque soon enough, and my ongoing look at teams we hate will continue later. There's just a lot of love to go around, y'know?

To anyone reading this who happens to be a Toronto Maple Leafs fan...look away now. Everyone else, enjoy!

Special thanks to my favorite Canadian expatriates, Chris and Sarah, who have earned the title of super junior reporters in the field for their hard work uncovering random stories and videos. Thanks guys!


hockeygirl said...

Bwaaa haaa haaa heee....

CapsChick said...

I CANNOT get that song out of my head now. Seriously, it's been running on a loop for the last 12 hours. Awesome.

The Acid Queen said...

It would have been even more amusing if they'd ended it with Marty Gelinas' series-winner from 2002. That would have been epic, right there.