Monday, April 23, 2007


Wings over Flames in 6. Phooey.

I hate having to be all logical and rational about hockey, but I'll grudgingly admit that the better team won tonight.

Good luck to the Wings...and more luck to whomever they face in the next round. May Hasek get scored on so often he gets whiplash from checking the net behind him.

Hey, I said I was being logical - not that I was going to stop being bitter.


george said...

haha i appreciate that you could bestow us with some begrudging 'logic'...

and even if Hasek did get whiplash, i'm betting it would still manifest itself as a groin injury (KNOCKONWOOD!!!!)

on a more serious note, i would just like to say i was disgusted with the Flames' performance Saturday. i have always had respect and even affection for them, feelings which rocketed down the tubes the final 10 minutes of that game. (except you, Kipper. you are pants wettingly amazing.)

Go Wings!!!! and Cheli scored!!!

Heather B. said...

Rebecca, I'm with you. I stayed up to watch the game last night and updated my husband with, "The Flames lost AND Dom didn't seem to pull ANYthing!" It was a lose/lose for sure.

Elly said...

Hahaha, whiplash....

Yeah, I stayed up to watch it too, and while I don't hate the Wings, and really, I just like Kipper (and maybe Warrener and the ex-Bruins), the OT was worth the wait through some admittedly dull parts.

I'd like to point out that you've gone a few posts without making fun of the Penguins. Just saying. :D