Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Kick in the Rear

Just a couple of quick-shots from last night's win over the Thrash:

- Bob Hartley is a jackass. (Okay, so that's not news.) What exactly was the meaning behind this quote?

"Ovechkin was by far the best player on the ice tonight and there's no reason for this," Hartley said. "Sometimes when you're a superstar you have to play like a superstar. You don't have to act like a superstar."
Um...sure. I think Ovechkin is by far the best player on the ice many nights, especially against the Thrashers and certainly better than Ilya "Cranky-Pants" Kovalchuk, but I may be a little biased. Okay. Moving on.

- Ovechkin was's #1 star. Not really a surprise there, right? But get this - Brent Johnson was the #3 star. I know there were only two games last night, but still...way to go Johnny! He really was great, so I'd like to think he earned that spot even if there were 10 other games going on. I was proud of him. Way to end the season with a bang.

- Keith Tkachuk on the game: "I hope this was a kick in the rear for us tonight." I'm kind of hoping its a kick to someplace else, Keith, but maybe that's the difference between you and me.

- Andy Sutton on the 6-on-3 opportunity in the final minutes: "When you have twice as many guys, you have to think you're going to score." You would think so, wouldn't you Andy? Hmm...karma's a bitch.

- Kovalchuk's goal was his 40th of the season and 200th of his career...and then he was benched. That'll take the fun out of your celebration, huh?

- Jurcina had his first official rough night as a Cap. Or he just had his first official night as a Capital. Po-tay-to, po-tah-toe.

- Avoid the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on the game if possible. Not because the article is biased or badly written - as AJC articles go it's not too bad - but because a very bad cartoon-y looking Kovalchuk "skates" across the page. You know, to "Unleash the Fury" for the playoffs.

- Avoid if you're at work...or at least turn down your speakers. That's right, kids, those scary pop-up Caps are back! This time it's Ovechkin demanding that you buy tickets to Saturday's game. I actually like the premise of these, but they always scare me half to death. Remember the freaky (and somewhat creepy) one with Zubie saying that 'Caps Love Kids' that appeared a few months back? Ick.

And finally...

- Random article of the day (tap o' the stick to Jordi, Head HLOG Honchess, for the link):

I'll admit, I'm having trouble picking a side in this one. Thoughts?


DCSportsChick said...

When you have comments on the Blueland Blog from Trashers fans like this one, no one is surprised:

"BRASHEAR sucks! McSorley was framed!"

Um...yeah...that made last night's win even more enjoyable.

Victor said...

In regards to Hartley: I think he was trying to fire up Kovalchuk, and in order to do that he had to (basically) insult Ovie. Ya gotta admit--Kovy didn't play that well in the 2nd and he deserved to be benched. Nah, I don't like the comment either, but as a coach you do what you have to do. I'd be curious to hear who Hartley would pick as a better player, if he weren't coaching and could speak honestly w/o fear of torking someone off.

CapsChick said...

DCSC: Is it time to lump them into the same category as the Sabres' fans who said stuff like "I hope someone makes Ovechkin a paraplegic"? I think so. Crazy Atlanta-ites. (Nice pic! TEDDY!)

Victor: Yeah, I get why Hartley would say something along those lines and I totally agree Kovalchuk wasn't playing up to his semi-diva level. Still, it's fun to call Hartley a jackass. Because he is a jackass. Hartley is a jackass. (I'll keep saying it over and over - try it, it's fun!)

Elly said...

Wow. Classy of the Rangers. Makes me want to be an ice girl...or punch them in the face, one of the two.

I have no problem taking a side in this, though, and that is that no person should be treated like that when they're just out doing their job and being polite about it. Maybe a bit of cat calling, I can understand that, but spitting and hitting? I'm not a big fan of the ice girls, and the Islanders sure do like to dress their's up like Dallas cheerleaders, but there's no need for behavioir like that.

Netsrak said...

When it comes to incidents involving Ice Girls, there's no question whose side I'm on!