Monday, September 03, 2007

Top 5: Stories That Won't Die

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Today's list:
Top 5 Stories of the Summer That Just Won't Die

Buffalo’s Abandonment Issues: Okay, we get it. Losing both your captains sucks. But you don’t get to the Conference Finals two years in a row on the backs of just two guys, something a lot of people seem to forget. Buffalo fans, take heart – you’re not the first team to lose players to free agency, you won’t be the last, and (as much as I hate to admit it) you’ve got an immensely talented and incredibly deep team without those traitors. Just repeat to yourself the following: I will survive, I will survive…hey, hey.

New jerseys: Did you know that the league is making the change from the normal, traditional, classic jersey to the high-tech Reebok Edge system? I don't know why you would. After all, we’ve only been hit over the head with it since January. Teams are tripping over themselves to unveil new logos and designs, most of which could use a few more hours/days/weeks/months at the drawing board, and every other day it seems we have yet another picture of players standing around awkwardly in their new duds. It was cute when the Caps did it…now it’s just getting old.

Nashville: They’re moving to Hamilton. Nope, now they’re staying. Maybe they’ll end up in Kansas City. Oops, no, now they’re staying again. Geez – Nashville fans didn’t care much about this team until they were threatened with losing it, huh? Where were you during the playoffs? Not that I’m in favor of any fans losing their team, but come on. It’s Nashville. That sound you hear is millions of hockey fans not caring.

Michael Peca: This could really be applied to all the homeless hockey players remaining on the market after the initial frenzy, but Peca’s tale of woe was probably the most covered - at least after Souray finally suckered Edmonton into overpaying him. A generally overrated player with injury problems, Peca’s inexplicable rise to the spotlight ended when, after weeks of speculation on whether Peca would land in New York or Toronto, he ended up in…Columbus. How’s that for drama?

Edmonton’s offseason issues: Admittedly the Nylander saga might have skewed the coverage here in DC to make it seem more overwhelming than it was. Still, the media ate it up as this story went from strange to bizarre to downright annoying, with hockey fans everywhere watching a once sane and respected Kevin Lowe slowly came unraveled. His manic plotting finally worked, though – he got Dustin Penner. And at a bargain price of $4.5 million a year for the next 5 years.

Honorable Mention - Michael Vick: That’s how obnoxious this story has become – it’s not even hockey-related and it almost made the list. Therefore I’m going to leave it alone, saying only this: Vick is a jackass. Everyone knows Vick is a jackass. Can we move on now?

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