Wednesday, September 12, 2007

THN Spotlights Caps' Bloggers

- As I was preparing to swing up to Voorhees for a few delicious hours of hockey I happened to check my e-mail and was delighted to find that the latest digital issue of The Hockey News had been delivered straight to my cyber mailbox. I was going to wait to flip through it, but I'm not a patient person by nature so I dove right in - only to find a wonderful piece by James Mirtle on our very own Ted Leonsis and his approach to hockey blogging:

"[t]he area where Leonsis most challenged the NHL norm was in the Capitals' press box, where he employed his new-media background and reached out to traditionally shunned Internet pundits by offering full credentials to more than a dozen local bloggers.

A year into the experiment, Washington has one of the most well-developed wings of hockey's blogosphere and a whole new branch of coverage in a city where only one print journalist regularly follows the team on the road."

If you don't subscribe to THN, I highly recommend that you rush to your newstand and pick up the September 18th issue to read the rest. The story even includes a moment of fame for the two OFB contributors that made the trek over to Russia with Mike Vogel and Spike Parker for the World Championships. It's a quick read but a great one - check it out!

- This so doesn't require it's own post, so I'll just stick it in this one: Semin. Is. Here.

...anyone else feel a little more relaxed now?

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