Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Caps @ Flyers

I'm not even going to attempt liveblogging tonight's game, but I'll check in with updates in between periods. First update? The Flyers' new jerseys are really ugly. More later.

Update: Nope. Too hard to even see what's going on (especially since I'm not listening to the audio) so...the jerseys are ugly. That's all I got.


HG said...

Huh. Fine. You pester me to come online and the one night I am willing to fire up the chat program, you are not on? SHEESH. You fork.

Teka said...

That's okay. These are all I got. (again with the hoarding the huge ones... drop me a line and tell me which all you want bigly hugely big sizes of)

Victor said...

I was just looking at some of my pix from the other night, and you know what's missing from the scoreboard? Time Outs Remaining.

Also, they only have room for two player numbers in the penalty area. I suspect that can expand as needed.

Anonymous said...

Allright, you're up - time for you to do one of these:

CapsChick said...

Victor: Yeah, we were noticing the 2 player penalty slots also and wondering how that would work. Timeouts remaining, though, that one slipped by me - good catch! How will we know how many TOs the Caps have left when they have a 5 on 3??

Anon: Dammit! Our aren't up yet! As soon as they are, rest assured I'll be mocking them :)