Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rookie Camp: Day 1

Rookie camp! Yay!

Okay. So it's not as exciting as you may think, but it's the future of the team we're watching out there and it's important. Really.

Naturally it's still better to be watching hockey on an otherwise dull Saturday than to be doing almost anything else, and there were exciting moments. Some guys were good, some were a little rough, a few were spectacular - just what you'd expect. It's only day one, though, and drills are a hard way to get a good idea of the range of talent here.

Some special moments captured on film:

Coach Hanlon doing what he does best - working the wipe board
Watching attentively...
Perreault's posterior
Local boy Werner
Learning more drills...
Backstrom - smile!
Michal Neuvirth posing just for me
Some of the guys had an interesting way of
picking up the pucks at the end
They gave up after a little while......but only for a minute:


Shelby said...

Heh. I'll have to try that puck collecting technique at my next practice.

It's actually quite difficult to learn to flip the puck like that at first. I like the batting in though. Creative.

No luck on making it myself this weekend but I'm shooting for next weekend.

Shmee said...

Thanks for the pics!

I couldnt get a look at who had the unfortunate job of hitting the pucks into the bucket. Did you get a peek?