Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hockey Action Captured on Film

The interwebs have been busy today, buzzing with all kinds of good stuff about the Caps. As for me, I got nothing - so check out what other people are saying...

First up, Mike Vogel talks about last night's game, which despite the loss held lots of things that should make any Caps fan optimistic. OnFrozenBlog looks at the amazing chemistry the Caps have developed since the lockout. A couple of defensemen find the spotlight today, with the Post looking at little Greenie all growed up and the Times investigates newcomer Tom Poti's role on the team.

The Hockey News thinks Ovechkin is one to watch this season (going out on a limb, eh?), you can go see the Caps take on the Sens for free this Sunday but only if you're a United fan too, and Vogel investigates the tough decisions lying ahead as roster deadline day fast approaches.

And of course, wrap it all up with JP's mother of all previews as he takes a look at the Capitals over at AOL's fanhouse - it's excellent, definitely check it out.So what do I bring you? Pictures - pictures stolen from other people, no less! Enjoy!

These first pictures come courtesy of loyal reader Victor, who got some great pictures from Tuesday's OT win over the Canes:

Quit giggling, you loons! This is war...
Kozlov makes it 2-0
And Backstrom is about to finish it off
The final score, on the beautiful new scoreboard
And now some pictures from last night's Flyers game courtesy of Teka, Hershey Bears fan and fellow HLOGger (and I think she likes some NHL team, too, but we ignore that part):

Evil has a face, a name...and now a new jersey. Take him down, Laich.
Little Backstrom

Flash I'm sure they're just chatting about the weather...
Steckel causing trouble for Biron...good boy.JOHNNY!!
The only safe place for a Briere. Quick, someone get the tranquilizer gun! There were a few scuffles...
Okay, more than a few scuffles...
(I love Jurcina just pushing little Briere out of the way with one hand.)

Okay, maybe there were some fights, too. Here Erskine takes on Jesse Boulerice.

Any coincidence that the Flyers are selling shirts that say "Back with a Vengeance"? Didn't think so. Welcome back, Broad Street Bullies - can't say I missed you.

Special thanks to Teka for sharing her pictures, of which these are just a tiny fraction - you can view the rest of the action here, and be sure to check out her recap of the game as well. For a non-Caps fan she's got a healthy dose of Briere-hate, which I think we can all sympathize with.

Got pictures? Send them along and see them posted here as we countdown to the regular season. It's tantalizingly close now...


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm much more a Caps fan than a Flyers fan. At least the Caps are developing personalities to me now, whereas the Flyers will always be spearheaded (haha, spearing..) by one Tiny!Briere who I just cannot get behind after that display.

(And besides, I'd rather see the Penguins beat the ass of a team that has some talent, not just some hideously loud sweaters.)

Victor said...

Those pictures by Victor are some of the awesomest pictures I've ever seen in my life.