Monday, September 10, 2007

Rookie Camp: Day 3

More Rookie Camp MADNESS!!! Can you feel the excitement? It's impossible to put it into words, so feast your eyes on the multicolored, nameless jerseyed thrill ride that was Rookie Camp: Day 3.

Check out my rookie camp galleries for more exciting stuff:

Oh, and check out Kevin Hatcher Fan Club for a more detailed recap of today's events, including a fabulous Olie story from the Caps practice earlier today that I just can't put into words...and Biff's continued belief that Dave Steckel is trying to kill him.


PaV said...

Your lucky that your rookie camp is in town - our kids are playing in KITCHENER.. bah!

CapsChick said...

It really is awesome! Training camp used to be out in the middle of nowhere - this is the first year it's been somewhere near the city, metro accessible and everything.