Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Let the Meaningless Home Game Commence

Like the NHL and the Caps, I'm still in preseason mode so forgive the lack of gameday previews - I promise once the season starts I'll be back with something brand spanking new for your gameday reading pleasure...you know, as soon as I figure out what the new thing will be.

So here's my gameday preview. Ready?

Caps. Canes. Verizon Center. Tonight. 7:00 pm. Steve Eminger is making his preseason debut. Ben Clymer is not in the lineup. Neither is captain Chris Clark. And there's a rumor that the Caps will be wearing the white jerseys...

So I'll be the lunatic in the red shirt taking pictures of everything and bouncing up and down in my seat right up until the puck drops. And then I'll be the nutcase in the red shirt jumping up and down as the Caps demolish the 'Canes with their awesome power. Keep an eye out, you may just spot me without even knowing it...I'm not that subtle.

It's good to have hockey back, even if it means nothing. Should be fun!


Shmee said...

I will be the lunatic screaming at the ref. A little harder to distinguish.

Shelby said...

I was the lunatic in the Zubie jersey screaming her head off from the empty club level.

Wasn't too bad. Here's my reflections...

-Sasha is an obnoxious lazy bum and I'm slowly getting sick of him being on the team.

-Gordo never ceases to amaze me with his awesomeness.

-Where did Steckle come from? That boy is huge and he's doing fab.

-I can't believe how tiny Borque is! He will be called Bug by me from now on because he's about that small.

-I miss our captain and all three of our bruisers. =[

-Finally, I got a stick tap from Laich when he saw my "We Laich #21!" sign and Ovie threw a puck at me during warm ups.

I'll have pictures soon if you want them!

Victor said...

I took a freakin' boatload of pix, and here's my quick take:
1. The power play needs a freakin' boatload of work. If I'm not mistaken, the 'Canes had more SOG during the Caps PP than the Caps did.
2. Kozlov is huge.
3. Kozlov is awesome.
4. Nylander can really handle the puck, but he can't pass. Or he refuses to pass. Can't figure out which.
5. Kozlov is awesome.

CapsChick said...

Geez, guys - can't even wait for me to get my postgame post up, eh? It's coming, it's coming, I swear! :)