Thursday, September 20, 2007

#27 In Your Programs, #1 In Your Hearts

I'm briefly coming out of my Nyquil-induced stupor to address a story that seems to be brewing around the District, and that is the potential impending departure of one Ben Clymer from the Caps ranks.

Those of you who know me (and probably many who don't) know that I'm an unapologetic Clymer fan. Now before you men get out those taunting smiles, those knowing winks, and those cries of "puckbunny!" it is not because of his physical attributes that I devote myself to Ben.

It helps, but that's really not why.

I have always been a third and fourth line type of gal - I love those guys who go out and give 110% every night, those guys who may not score the pretty goals or make the pretty plays but rather the guys who play in the trenches night in and night out. The scrappy, feisty underdogs who won't get more than 10 goals a year but who bring you up out of your seat with a big hit or a garbage goal. That's the type of player that Clymer is, and it's the main reason why I root for him so openly even while others mock.

I'm actually pretty amazed at the way Caps fans have turned so quickly on Ben, repeatedly calling for his removal from the team after what was frankly just a forgettable year. Are we so quick to forget that his first season here he formed a third of that oh so popular CBS line? That a shift to defense and a crippling injury hampered his performance last year? This is DC, the land of the eternally underappreciated, and yet we laugh and point and gather our pitchforks to drive someone out who maybe doesn't post the numbers we think he should post.

What are we, Flyers fans? For shame.

Anyways. I've made my peace with the fact that Clymer's days here in DC may be numbered. I understand the rationale behind such a move and I won't argue it, nor will I put up any sort of fuss should #27 find himself on the outside looking in. After seeing the way Laich, Bradley and Sutherby have played together so far I have no doubt that those three will in some way make up our fourth line and there frankly may not be room for someone like Ben on this team any longer.

I just thought someone should let him know that some of us around here still like him and will wish him luck wherever he may end up, whether it's here in DC, San Jose, or even...Pittsburgh.

Okay, maybe not Pittsburgh.

Even I have my standards.


Anonymous said...

Awww, Clymer going to play with his two daddies? That'd be ADORABLE. (and confusing)

"And a goal by Orpik.... NO! Malone..... NO! Clymer..... Goddammit, just give it to Malkin."

CapsChick said...

See, I may know exactly what you're talking about, but that wins as the comment that will confuse the most people...ever. Congratulations ;)

Oh, and bite your tongue.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! Should the departure of #27 actually come to pass, you are not alone in your sentiments.

I hate to think that saying hello in the parking lot the other day might have been my last opportunity to wish him well this season. He is looking healthier and moving better on the ice. I was glad to see him smile during practice. He has been carrying quite a load this last year. At least the near future will bring him closure in one way or another.

There are a lot more of the gritty guys with dogged determination out there than the media superstars. Sure the media darlings are super young players but lets see how things pan out over a few years. Their teams are not going to win without the foundation of players like Ben Clymer who are relentless in their pursuit professionalism.

We look forward to seeing him back on the ice, hopefully here, but if not whereever it may be.

I wonder who the hyenas will turn on next...

Elly said...

I was all set to make a snappy post about Clymer coming to Pittsburgh....but Teka said it so perfectly already I'm just going to let her post do the talking. :)

Victor said...

No more Contagious?

CapsChick said...

That is probably the nicest and most intelligent anonymous comment I've ever seen. Glad I'm not alone in my Clymer devotion! Guys like him, as I've pointed out so many times and as you have said so eloquently, are what make championship teams.

Elly: Hush. HUSH. Not going to happen - you can't have him!!

Victor: I have forgiven him for unleashing a plague on our team last December (although if he stays here and does it again I may have to kill him...)

Anonymous said...

Well, we're gonna steal Fluffy and BabyGoalie out from under you to make up for it then...