Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Quick Hits

- Part two of everyone's favorite hockey satire is up and is just as funny as part one, so check it out...and if you missed it last time, read part one first. Totally worth it, I assure you.

- Conflicting reports out of Russia are saying that Ovie punched Evgeni Malkin's agent, injuring his jaw...or that he didn't really. Or that he did.


Considering his past fighting experience, you can judge for yourself how true that is:

- And finally, per the Caps' website, there appears to be a training camp logo:

Not sure why I found that newsworthy, but there you go.


Interchangeable Parts said...

Oh man, oh man, that Captain Crosby stuff is a riot! It made quite compelling reading, actually. I'm sure if they made that into a movie, hockey fans all over would go to it. And think of the tie-ins! Sid could branch out from fashion to Happy Meals!

Shelby said...

Hey, guess what! Good news! Mike Vogel is a fan of Cheap Seats! I asked him to plug you on the Caps Report and there wasn't time, but he IMed me back and mentioned liking your blog (but not the spotlight, oddly enough).

Yay! =]

CapsChick said...

IPB: Who would play Sid in the movie? I'm thinking...Angelina Jolie. The lips, you know? ;)

Shelby: I think he's just saying that because I call him godlike every other day ;) Thanks for trying to get a little publicity for the Cheap Seats, though, that was sweet!

Pookie said...

Who would play Sid in the movie? I'm thinking...Angelina Jolie. The lips, you know? ;)

I'm thinking... Russell Crowe. The voice, you know? Heh heh. Sigh. Poor Sid. (Why does every conversation about Sid end in me saying, "Poor Sid."?)

Elly said...

Awesome. I love the fact that they had to have the chase go onto the Arena's roof. Classic. Also, does anyone else just love Fleury in this or is it just me?

Pookie: Because everyone is always ragging on him? (*cough*CC*cough* ;) That poor little famous billionare kid! lol.

Oh, and psychotic traits aside, I could get behind Russell Crowe. No reason, really, other than the fact that he was melting hot in 'Gladiator'.

CapsChick said...

Me? Rag on, Crosby? That's unpossible!

I can't get behind Crowe as Crosby, only because I just loved him in Mystery, Alaska. Who doesn't love a slightly overweight, slightly aging local sheriff/hockey player/coach/hockey player? I refuse to see that stellar rep of his damaged by playing the Kid.