Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hockey and Frilly White Dresses

It's mid-August.

Training camp is four weeks away.

So what's it time for?

Weddings, of course! The offseason is the time for NHLers to tie the knot - after all, no bride wants to squeeze her nuptials in between road trips - and apparently this past weekend was a very popular one to get those vows in under the wire.

DCSportsChick has the latest word on Brent Johnson's marriage to native Virginian (and fellow Lake Braddock alum) Danielle Ence this past weekend. And if anyone wants to go in on a belated wedding present with me, we can peruse their registries. Congrats to Danielle and Brent!

Also tying the knot this weekend? US Women's Olympic hockey player Krissy Wendell and Toronto forward John Pohl, who were married in Minnesota on Saturday. Check it out at People.com (hockey? in People magazine? Stranger things have happened...) for what is actually a pretty cute story, even if he is a Maple Leaf.

...okay, so this doesn't have a whole lot to do with hockey. I'm a girl, weddings are fun - sue me.


DCSportsChick said...

Glad someone else enjoys the wedding stuff as much as I do ;-) Fascinating, isn't it?

CapsChick said...

It really is...sometimes its okay to give in to the stereotypes, you know? I still know more about sports than half the guys I meet ;)

Elly said...

Ahh, but did they play the Hockey Song that their weddings? I think that's the true question People.com should ask.

Hockey Amor said...

Wow, two straight posts about weddings, I'm impressed!

BTW, I got married in June.

I wore the OV sweater I got from my fiancée the night before while getting ready.

There was an honor line of raised hockey sticks at the church entrance during the recessional (by my White Knights teammates).

The place cards at dinner were Caps away jerseys with the guests name and day of birth.

So yes, hockey and weddings do mix very well.