Friday, August 24, 2007

Sid Better Work

Okay, I know I promised a Sidney-free zone for a while but I couldn't resist a follow-up to my initial discussion of Sid the Kid launching a clothing line. Check out a video featuring bits of the launch with some of his trend-setting designs modeled by real live people as well as ol' puffy lips himself, at Reebok's

By the way, those atrocities being marketed to women should not be viewed while eating. Why does everyone think girls, especially girls who like hockey, wear nothing but pink?? Guess what, Sid. Guess what, NHL. We don't - and we're pissed.

I guess it could be worse...

Nothing says "I'm a serious hockey fan" like...butterflies.

Happy Friday.


DCSportsChick said...

Yes, it could always be worse- we could have Caps sweatshirts like that one. But still!

So much good stuff to ridicule...the Canadian Diving Team captain just keeps on giving and giving, doesn't he?

CapsChick said...

It could definitely be worse...I'll have another rant on this very, very soon (and then I'll stop because there's no sense beating a dead pink horse).

Sid is really a giver - I owe half of my content to him just being hilarious without meaning to!

Chris & Sarah said...

At least I got to see pictures of home. That's about the only good thing I could come up with.

My question is, wasn't $8.7M a year enough?

Wonder who Ovie will be releasing his fall line with.

(why do I have Right Said Fred running through my head?)

Sarah says Syd could have his own version "I'm too sexy for my lips"

Elly said...

Ahh, you know, I've been sitting on this Sidney clothing line thing for a few days, but you bring up a good point: no pink. I am a little disappointed in Sidney and his lack of any really tasteful female hockey garb (that I could see). I guess that it comes down to what the marketers think will sell, and sadly, pink and butterflies and puppies and kittens sell. Sure, they sell to dippy puck bunnies, but those are the ones with daddy's purse-strings.

For the record, if there were less butterflies on that, I'd wear that hoodie. I still might....but maybe not in public. Or at dark....dark club.

boltsfan said...

Oh my gosh! definitely didn't see this one coming. hahaha. why doesn't ovie have a clothing line?! or vinny :)

Jordi said...

Oh but Capschick the Pens do remind me of butterflies. Crushed so easily... especially in the playoffs. Bwahahaha. I make myself laugh.