Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogs and Bloopers

Take a stroll around the blogosphere for some good stuff today, kids:

- Peerless Prognosticator continues his really nice analysis of benchmarks for winning teams (top defensemen, power play, etc.) with a look at penalty killing for this season. Be sure to flip through the archives for the Peerless's always entertaining and usually spot on breakdowns of what it takes to win.

- J.P., another king of hockey analysis, has a post that can only be described as intense as he breaks down every player's stats and production on a per-shift basis to see what they do with the ice time they're given.

I'm actually convinced he and Peerless are not humans but machines who do not sleep...they simply make a whirring noise and go into standby mode for a few minutes.

Ever wonder what your favorite HLOG ladies are really like? Ever even been to HLOG? If not, now is the perfect time...especially if you want to find out the truth behind the ladies who love hockey. Eye-opening, to be sure.

- Be sure to stop by Capitals' Insider where Tarik has a little chat with the big man himself, Olie Kolzig. You just don't find many guys as classy and well-spoken as Zilla, its well worth a read.

- And lastly, in my desire to continue the high level of analysis that has taken place here in the Cheap Seats these past 11 months few weeks, I give you...old hockey bloopers.

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Victor said...

re: The first scene in the second clip...So *that's* what embellisment looks like.