Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Q&A Day

This will be a short one because there is nothing going on in the NHL. Nothing.

Oh, look, was that a tumbleweed?

- Tarik's got a few good Q&A's with some of the boys who are hanging around DC before training camp. Nothing earth-shattering in either one, obviously, but still worth a look.

- Check out Vogel's interview with former accident-prone Cap (and one of my favorites) Pat Peake on the Caps website.

- And finally, because there's nothing better to do, watch some grown men running into each other. Only two hits featuring the Caps but one of them is Ovie on a Penguin...frankly that's all I need. Enjoy!


HG said...

I must admit I only watched the hits because I'm bloodthirsty like that. :D hee hee One glaring omission however was Dion's hit on Hamel early in the season. Sheesh. :P

CapsChick said...

True! How dare they!! They also left out Ovie's hit against Colorado that shattered the glass.

Oh, and the one against the Flyers where Richards tried to hit Ovie and went flying...or the one where the same thing happened to Tarnasky, who then took out Brad Richards as he went flying.

But other than that, a good mix of hits ;)