Monday, July 09, 2007

Welcome to Town, Here's a 'C'

The Islanders announced today that they were naming Bill Guerin, who signed a two year deal last week, their new captain. The move was a surprise to Guerin, who apparently had no idea of the decision until he was handed a jersey with a 'C' on it during the press conference announcing his arrival and that of the other new inhabitants of the Island

Bill Guerin, who has been a member of the Islanders for exactly four days, is the newest captain of the Islanders.

Guerin, who was a member of another team until July 1, is the Isles' new captain.

Sorry, it doesn't matter how many times or how many ways I say it - its still weird. Weirder than Sidney Crosby, who is still learning how to tie his shoelaces and not wet the bed like a big boy, being captain of the Penguins?

...okay, no, not weirder than that. But it's still strange, right? I always find it weird when teams make brand new players the leaders - it seems to fly in the face of any logic that would usually take into account team chemistry, leadership, etc. Had Halpern departed our nation's capital a year earlier than he did, I doubt very much that the Caps would have named Clark as the captain at that point.

But I guess...congrats, Bill.


Shelby said...

Wow. Umm. Wow.

And I thought the Slugs were the stupid team of New York. I suppose when you're surrounded by Slugs and...well, and Jagr, it has to rub off eventually.

I'm more sorry for the Islanders than anything else, really.

FS said...

What would have been really funny was if his agent had negotiated a bonus in his contract if he were to be named captain.

I know it can't happen in a 2-year deal, but it would still be funny. . .