Monday, July 16, 2007

A Case of the Mondays

Weeeee, it's Monday, yay! Woooo....HOOOOO!


I'm trying to get myself pumped up because a) I hate Mondays and b) there's nothing going on in Caps' world.

There is now an official countdown until the first day of training camp for those of you needing to see how far away it is spelled out in black and white, courtesy of Japers' Rink. Players report September 13, on-ice sessions start September 14...59 days and counting!

Today's Frozen Moment, courtesy of

Someone get that man a stepstool and a phone book to sit on...


Elly said...

At least he can reach the door handles?

CapsChick said... skates. I'm betting in regular shoes he needs a boost.

KMS2 said...

Maybe he should just keep the skates on as long as he puts on those blade protectors. He could start a new trend like he did with the lengthy, expensive contracts trend.

kristin said...

Oh snap! How did I miss this picture? Too funny!