Sunday, July 22, 2007

On the Air

Craving more of my half-baked ideas and crazy opinions? Tune into's weekly radio show tomorrow at noon when I'll join our host, Allen Popels, and Kevin from Kevin Hatcher Fan Club in discussing the latest Caps' news.

Should be a good show (despite my presence)!

Update: Thanks to Allen for having me on the show, and to Kevin for making me sound a little less insane by comparison (oh, I kid, I kid...). Check out the show here and please, no mocking. I'm very sensitive.


chanuck said...

I will be catching it on the great podcast delay. Looking forward to hearing you guys.

Chris & Sarah said...

Nice Commentary. It was an interesting show all around. I laughed at the Harry Potter / David Beckham comparison.

ANd I'm glad we didn't get a spoiler. I'm waiting for my copy to be delivered from Canada.