Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

- As we wait for the oh-so-thrilling results of Brooks Laich's arbitration hearing with baited breath, I think it's pretty safe to say unanimously that the offseason stinks. This one in particular seems incredibly unbearable - people seem about ready to jump off a building or worse, watch America's Got Talent.

I think, like the rest of us, the folks over at are getting a bit antsy. In their own well-intentioned way they've provided a vault of milestone highlights for the rabid hockey fan to get their fix of ice during the sweltering summer. Great idea, right?

Only if you don't mind seeing the Caps getting scored on again...and again...and again. I wish I was kidding, but we all of course remember Shanahan's 600th. Sakic's 1500th point. Jagr's *shudder* 1500th point.

But still, it's a nice thought and there are some truly wonderful accomplishments on the list - the one they're highlighting today is, appropriately enough, Peter Bondra's 500th career goal. Don't worry, it wasn't against us.

Just remember, while it's great to see that familiar smile and enthusiastic celebration once more - he's not coming back.

- To all you Bettman-haters out there, here's an article aimed at you. I'm personally not sure where I fall on the issue of Uncle Gary so I'll let you decide for yourself how much merit this piece has. I could do without the requisite mention of the poor TV ratings, though. When has hockey ever had good ratings? Enough, stop beating the horse already - I assure you it's dead.

I also think we all can agree that even "Operation: Slapshot", despite having the worst code name ever, is peanuts compared to some of the crap going down in the other major leagues. Take that, Michael "the Dog Days of Summer Indeed" Vick.

UPDATE: Per Capitals Insider, Brooks Laich has been awarded $725,000 for one year in arbitration. He gets a slight raise and that precious one-way deal, which makes me happy. Whiners of the world, feel free to jump all over Laich and say he's not worth it or he may not even crack the lineup.

Here's how I see it - Laich can play the wing and does so skillfully, at least in my humble opinion. Fleischmann and Klepis, both right wingers, remain unsigned. Neither has really proven they deserve a roster spot, again at least not in my humble opinion. I see one or both either being traded or simply released. Depth is a wonderful curse to have but the roster has to be whittled down one way or another, and those two still seem like "prospects" to me. Time is running out for Flash and least in my humble opinion.

Take it with a grain of salt.


Murshawursha said...

I think Jake's time has run out. He's gotten multiple shots in DC and done nothign with them. I'll reserve judgement on Flash until he gets a longer stint with the Caps.

CapsChick said...

I guess that makes sense - if I had to give one of them another shot it would be Flash, as I tend to agree that Klepis really hasn't shown the consistency and has arguably gotten much more of a shot with the big team.

Having said that, both Klepis and Flash looked head and shoulders above most of their teammates and opponents in Hershey, so he may need to just find another NHL team that will give him minutes.

Joe said...

I think it shows a lot of character to stand up and say this is what I'm worth and I'm willing to fight for it. Way to go Brooks!