Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Sorry for the lack of updates, kids...life is a bitc-, er, pain sometimes. Luckily for me there's not a whole lot going on around the NHL, but here's a quick rundown on what's going on in Capsland:

- Brooks Laich was the first arbitration hearing out of the box, for both the Caps and the NHL. A lot of people think he's crazy, others are wondering whether the team will walk away...I'm betting neither is true. First of all, the arbitration award would have to be upwards of $1 million plus for the team to walk away, which as much as I love Laich would be extremely unlikely (unLaichly? Sorry...had to be done.)

Secondly, since when is it a crime to at least try for a raise? I'm sure he doesn't think he's going to get millions - best case, he gets a slight raise and the Caps hang on to him, worst case he gets a huge reward, they walk away and he's free to go somewhere that will play him more consistently. It's a win-win for him, although if he leaves I'm sure a few Caps with nice rims on their cars are worried he'll hightail it out of DC...and take his bus with him.

For the best view on the whole arbitration process and Laich's case in particular, check out the Caps' head scribe in all his wisdom, Mike Vogel. Next up: Milan Jurcina, July 30.

- The funniest picture I've seen all week has to go to this one of Ovechkin and Kozlov sporting their new look. So scruffy. Check out OnFrozenBlog for an Ovechkin-esque interview about his offseason activities, including mention of a disco ball and stripper pole, and an Ovechkin-esque quote about doing dishes...or not doing dishes as the case may be. All in all it sounds like he's going to be very ready for the season to start, more so than last season - and last season he scored 46 goals.

By the way, am I the only one weirded out by the fact that Malkin continues to live with Gonchar and his family in St. Petersburg? How very Crosby of him.


Shmee said...

CC, I am freaked out too. I think he and Sid need to move into together (with appropriate night lights of course)

CapsChick said...

Ooh, I think we have our next Cheap Seats contest - design Sid and Malkin's night lights!

Elly said...

Hey, I'm into that!

They'll be big, shiny and look like the Stanley Cup. I think that's appropriate, don't you? :)

Victor said...

It'll look like a big red '8' smacking them into the boards.

KMS2 said...

Nice chicken legs, Ovechkin.