Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Overbite

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure everyone has heard that the Simpsons' movie, a project its diehard fans (read: computer nerds) have been awaiting for almost 20 years, opens nationwide today. Whether you're a fan of the jaundiced family or not, its hard to deny that this show is something of a cultural revolution...but it has nothing to do with hockey.

Or does it?

After all, the characters themselves are a veritable who's who of NHLers and NHL-adjacent:

Homer - Not the brightest lightbulb in the bunch, quick-tempered, yet extremely happy and ultimately lovable...I think we just described about half of the NHL.

Bart - Playful, mischievous, smart when he needs to be, dim when he wants to be, gets himself into and out of extremely sticky circumstances. Am I crazy or is that not our own Ovechkin?

Ned Flanders - Mike Fisher. Or Peter Budaj. Or Shane Doan. Nice, likable guys with a bit of a religious thing going on (and a killer body easily disguised in everyday clothing...but I digress).

Chief Wiggum - Bill Daly. 'Nuff said.

Otto the Bus Driver - Those long, flowing locks, the slightly dazed and glazed look, the existential nonsense that can probably be attributed to some sort of herbal enhancement...gotta be Ryan Miller.

Marge - Soft-spoken and protective, she knows when to stick up for what she believes in and is quick to defend her family with the temper that lurks beneath the surface. I'm not calling him a woman, of course, but that's Glen Hanlon in a nutshell.

Comic Book Guy - Every Caps fan, and I quote: "Worst ... trade ... EVER."

Rod and Todd Flanders - They look perfect, they sound perfect, but every once and a while there's a smidge of crazy in them. Eric and Jordan Staal, of course.

Mayor Quimby - Your typical politician, making crazy new laws and speaking with a funny accent. Who could that possibly be, let me think...

Of course, no discussion of the Simpsons and hockey would be complete without looking back at a few classic Simpsons hockey moments. Enjoy!

Hockey Dad...not the most politically correct clip, but still funny all these years later.

Ah, Viktor - welcome to DC! May your hockey tree mind.

And of course, "Lisa on Ice" - the best of the bunch.


Chris & Sarah said...

Just goes to show, there is no room for sentimentality in the game of hockey.

Shmee said...

CC, I believe you have derived the hidden meaning of the Simpsons movie. Excellent work.

Elly said...

Nice! I must agree about the Flanders comparison...but isn't that what makes them fun? Or was that their mad hockey skillz...

P.S. No jab at the Pens? You're slipping!

Bitchany said...

Those made my day...thank you!