Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vinny the Goon and Other Tall Tales

There was a loud whooshing sound last night as the clock ticked down the final seconds - did you hear it? It was the sound of the Caps faithful breathing a collective sigh of relief as the losing streak is over.

It's never good to go through stretches like that, but you have to think that the team learned a thing or two about themselves and they got it out of the way early in the season. For one thing, they saw what happens when they play a team game, everyone chipping in - 3-0. They saw what happens when they don't...0-3. And they learned that even playing well doesn't always get the win, especially if your offense and power play production are sputtering (i.e., the Penguins game).

I thought overall the Caps looked solid and it is amazing how much a difference being back with Ovechkin has made in Clark's game. The checking line played great against what is essentially Tampa's one big line, even though St. Louis did get on the board, and having Semin back, albeit a slightly rusty Semin, was a nice boost for the club and the fans. Ovechkin had another complete game, doing more to convince me that this new well-rounded thing he's taken on might be here to stay.

I could talk about the power play continuing to falter, and it did, but it looked markedly improved even with the shorthanded goal. There are tweaks to be made, sure - getting Semin back in game shape is job one, and that will happen soon enough. Shooting the puck needs to be a priority, as well, but the Tampa penalty killers are renowned for being not only well-positioned but also aggressive...hence the shortie. I'm okay with how things seem to be progressing, at least.

Congrats to Clark, who not only saw his pointless streak end with two goals last night but also probably got home in time to see his beloved Red Sox take game one of the World Series. Congrats to Dave Steckel, who scored his first NHL goal and point off of a beautiful cross-ice pass from Ovechkin. Best wishes to Shaone Morrisonn as his face heals after being jumped by Vinny Lecavalier of all people.

UPDATE: If you missed it last night, here's the Lecavalier-Morrisonn fight courtesy of the good people at You can see at the end why Mo had to get 10 stitches over his right eye, and it wasn't because of Vinny's wicked right hook.

And now some pictures...ooh, pretty:

Pettinger playing housekeeper during warm-ups
Crashing the net Dave Steckel's first NHL goal
Kozlov and Ovechkin ready for the draw
Semin and Ovechkin during warm-ups
Clark, Kozlov and Ovechkin lining up for the draw Slightly blurry evidence of offensive zone pressure
Another faceoff
Johnny's relieved this is just warm-ups...


Finny said...

Okay, so I was pretty dang surprised Vinny jumped anyone, actually, but best wishes to he-whose-face-now-hurts.

Ovie is exciting to watch, and makes me a little giddy for some weird reason. I think you're rubbing off on me. Normally, I'm a staunch Crosby supporter, but lately, his names been slathered everywhere (and I know it was always such, but I didn't find it so minutely irritating unti recently - again, I think that's you getting in my head). And I was happy to see Semin back. Yay for my fantasy team!

Oh, and it was naturally lovely to see Shane O'Brien again - even if he was your opposition. =] <3 ya girly. Talk w/ ya soon.

Victor said...

Hey, you were sitting down in my stomping grounds!

Or was it FS's? Still, I know about where you were. Didja see the guy with the CCCP-Tretiak jersey?

Oh, and the game was good, too.

Teka said...

Man, I loved me some Vinny. I love him even more now. I SO wish i could have seen that little fisty transaction of his.

(Yeah, that's right, still p0wning in PIM for the fantasy league.... because of him)

CapsChick said...

Finny: Lecavalier kind of snapped - Morrisonn checked him and Vinny then proceeded to spear him, chase him down the ice, and just start throwing punches. Actually I got to see the replay today and the bloodied face was due to him falling onto the ice without being able to brace himself, not Vinny's fighting prowess.

And yay for me getting into your head!! I TOLD you. Not that Crosby isn't fun to watch but...come on. Who is more fun, robot boy or my gap-toothed Russian? :)

(Shane had kind of a rough night, frankly...)

Victor: Yeah, I got out of the Cheap Seats for a night! Section 113, about 5 rows back, and right in front of the guy in the Tretiak jersey (who was yelling something in Russian at Kozzy, Semin and Ovie allll night long).

Victor said...

Bunofasich. I was about ten rows behind you, two in front of Yvan and one in front of the guy who kept yelling at everyone in French.

No mention of The Goat sitting w/ Leonsis? Or the return of the old commercials?

CapsChick said...

Why did I think you sat on the other side?? Sorry about that, I'm senile apparently or I would have stopped by to say hi.

Ted already mentioned Goat sitting with him on his blog so I figured it didn't need to be repeated ;)

As for the old great was that? All the old "Always Intense" ads being shown throughout the game was a nice touch, although they didn't show my two favorites - the one with Bondra and Simon in the grocery store and Kono and Niko taking "faceoffs". Still great, though, thanks for the reminder!

Victor said...

And I'm sure you walked by me a couple of times. Toldja I'm lousy remembering faces :~)