Friday, October 12, 2007

Ready, Aim, Fire

The NHL season is a little over a week old. 56 games have been played.

The winning team has finished with 4 goals in 14 different games, 5 goals in 8 different games, 6 goals in 4 different games, 7 goals in 1 game, and 8 goals in 2 different games (both coming in the last two days).

The Caps have scored a grand total of 7 goals through three games and allowed only 2.

Three thoughts:
1. If the Caps high-powered offense continues to improve and gel (and Semin returns) it's not out of the realm of possibility that the Caps light someone up for a 7 or 8 spot sometime soon. I know who I vote for.
2. Defense is so important...and from what I've seen over the last 9 days, so lacking in a lot of teams right now. Remember that the next time you complain about the Caps' blue line.
3. The nets do not need to be made bigger.

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