Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy Saturday

A couple of interesting developments:

- The Caps signed Alexander Semin to a two-year, $9.2 million contract extension today that will pay him $4.2 million this year and $5 million next season. I know there are some around here that don't particularly like Semin and I'll admit he has a tendency to commit lazy penalties and turnovers...but I love him. This is great news.

- Tom Poti's groin injury hasn't quite healed enough and he'll be out of the lineup - bad news for a defense that struggled last night, but in the long run I'd much prefer that he heal completely. Groin injuries are no joke and as we've seen so many times, the nagging ones can change a player's game completely if not given time to heal. Of course, this means a repeat of the Erskine and Green show...I feel a headache coming on already.

- Continuing on the injury front, as we know Clark won't be in the lineup tonight but may return on Monday for the Leafs. Bigger news is what's happening in his absence - Backstrom gets his first shot at centering the big line, working as a pivot for the first time this season between Ovechkin and Kozlov. Young Nicklas really continues to impress me with how calm and mature he's seemed so far, so I'm excited to see how he looks in his natural position.

- Fleischmann returns to play with Nylander and Semin - Flash showed some improvement after moving from the first to second line, but we'll see how he does with Semin instead of Backstrom. Of the three he's probably going to be responsible for working the boards so...yeah. Expect a lot of meetings between Flash's rear and the ice. Checking line likely stays in tact, with Bradley probably remaining on the fourth line with Steckel and Brash.


Biff said...

These line combos are exactly what I have been hoping for (more or less) since training camp. Except with Clark in Laich's spot. I think this could actually work out quite well.

Dan, Jr. said...

I didn't see too many mistakes by Erskine - But then I was viewing from my couch. Both Green & Nylander seemed to have their minds elsewhere though. I bet Nyles was trying to pass to Clark when he scored. Hope that first line works out well. But, I still want to see Clark on one of the top lines when he gets back next week.

Steph said...

Czechling! I will have to watch for him :)

You know. Since I'm watching your games now and all.

boltsfan said...

Good news on re-signing Semin! for you caps fans... not for us bolts fans :/ Oh well... i guess i'm just still a little cranky over last night's loss =( But really, congrats on re-signing him!! =) He has a lot of talent and potential. And besides, he's Ovie's roommate (I'm guessing?? hahaha and if he's not he should be ;-))