Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gameday Preview: Caps vs. Canucks

Who: Your Nation's Capitals vs Vancouver Canucks
Where: Verizon Center
When: Friday, October 26, 7:00 pm

Broadcast Info: CSN, 3WT; Sportsnet Pacific, TEAM 1040

Media Notes:
Caps' Website
Canucks' Website
Washington Post
Washington Times

It would be very easy to boil this game down to Ovechkin vs. Luongo, Round 10, and it could very well end up that way. But while Bobby Lou has had his way with the Caps over the last two years, he was also going up against a team with firepower that was frankly limited to whatever #8 could provide.

With the Caps' offense finally waking up Wednesday night and the Canucks struggling in the young season, this game will come down to more than just great goaltending or one great shot. Vancouver is a hard-working, gritty team with bits of flash and dash thrown in, but they've struggled lately in racking up shots on goal and currently rank last with just over 23 per game. The Caps are slightly better in that area but have scored only 4+ goals once so far. You have to think that this game will be all about special teams, lucky bounces and secondary scoring for both teams.

Special Edition: The Swedish Spectacular

For the first time since Calle Johansson was around the Caps have a Swedish presence on the roster in rookie Nicklas Backstrom and slick veteran Michael Nylander - and its just in time to take on one of the more Swede-heavy teams in the NHL. So to honor the Scandinavian influence that will play a key role in the battle on ice tonight, let's look at some famous Swedes who helped make the world what it is today...

Astrid Lindgren - author of the famous Pippi Longstocking stories, the international children's favorites about a young girl with unusual strength, pirate gold and an aptitude for making adults look foolish

Alfred Nobel - noted chemist, engineer, innovator, armaments manufacturer and the inventor of dynamite. His fortune went to the establishment of the Nobel Prize, awarded since 1901 to individuals for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and for work in peace.

Marcus Schenkenberg - supermodel, actor, singer, writer, TV personality and former arm candy of professional flotation device Pamela Anderson.

Ingmar Bergman - legendary film director who dealt with existential questions and the human condition. Directed 62 movies and over 100 plays before his death this past July.

ABBA - international musical phenomenon that has reportedly sold 370 million records worldwide and has spawned hits such as "Fernando", "Take a Chance on Me", and of course, "Dancing Queen". Recently their songs were translated to the broadway stage for the smash hit Mamma Mia, slated for film release in 2008.

Ingvar Kamprad - founder and CEO of home furnishings powerhouse (and college apartment staple) IKEA; currently the richest person in Europe, with net worth of around $33 billion US.


Victor said...

No Swedish Twins jokes?

Shelby said...

Heh. "What's up?" I will never get the image of Sedin cabbage patching out of my head.

I'm going into the this game pretty blindly. I don't know how the Canucks have been doing so far and the Caps are offically a crap shoot. =]

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you don't have a 7PIM Clymer in your game, so nyah.

(Love Pyatt a little for me, willya? And make sure you give Bobby Lou a belly rub on your way by.)

Anonymous said...

All hail the swedish people!