Saturday, October 27, 2007

Habs and Have-Nots

Ever wonder what the difference between a top-ranked power play and a bottom-ranked power play looks like? Observe:

Total PPG by the Caps on the season - 6
Total PPG by Montreal in one night - 5

(The Habs also threw in a shorthanded goal and an even strength goal, just for funsies...)

Habs celebrate goal #3...or was it 4? Maybe it was #7.
Photo courtesy of AP/Getty Images


Chris & Sarah said...

Yea yea ... You Habs fans are all alike, pointing out other fan's teams flaws by building up their own teams so called capabilities.

For shame, for shame.


Ron W said...

Hey she is a Caps fan first and making the comparison for that purpose. No shame at all.

CapsChick said...

Aw, Ron, it's okay - they're just teasing. Chris & Sarah are just jealous that my Habs are so awesome ;)

Actually I like to think of my Habslove (and Flameslove) as the hockey gods' way of keeping me humble. When one performs well the other will usually step in to remind me that my teams never win.