Saturday, October 27, 2007

Clark Update

So it looks like Clark is out for tonight's game, which considering how much pain he looked to be in last night isn't altogether surprising. The good news - no concussion, no lasting damage other than what sounds like a crazy amount of stitches.

The better news - he could be in the lineup as soon as Monday when the Caps travel to Toronto.


Shelby said...

It's good to read that Poti will be a game time decision and that Clarkie doesn't have a concussion, but still... man, I was so worried when he got hit. I also wanted to boink Ovie on the head, even though it wasn't his fault.

CapsChick said...

It was so scary. Were you at the game? I really stopped breathing for a minute when I saw Clarkie go down and not get back up - and it didn't help that the rest of them were on the ice next to him instantly, that made me nervous.

And yes, boinking Ovie in the head was on my mind, too, although he looked miserable afterwards. I feel for him.

Looks like Poti is out for tonight... :(