Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Local Women's Hockey and Other News

October is a pretty slow month for the Caps, with only eleven games and multiple stretches like this one where they will go three, four, five days without a game. It's a good thing for the team - it gives them time to rest their walking wounded, go over some basics, and spend time with their families.

For fans, on the other hand, the going starts to get a little rough. After five months off without hockey and only one home game to date, I don't think I'm alone in going a little stir crazy waiting for Thursday to roll around.

While we're waiting, here are some assorted goodies for your Tuesday afternoon enjoyment:

- If you haven't already gotten your tickets to see the Caps host the Penguins this Saturday night, the Delaware Valley Collegiate Hockey Conference is selling special discounted tickets to the Caps-Pens game for $25. The cost of the ticket includes admission to see UVA face off against the University of Delaware that afternoon at Verizon Center. Support local women's hockey and the Caps all at once! Click here for more details on purchasing tickets.

As I understand it, the afternoon game itself will be open to the public - so even if you've got your tickets, why not head out to Verizon a few hours early and check out some great collegiate hockey action? I'm going to try and be there as well, cheering on UVA if only to avoid the threat of death or indian burn from my sister and brother-in-law...

Update: From the DVCHC: those attending the UVA vs. Delaware match-up, which will start at 2:00pm Saturday must enter through the Verizon Center's Press Entrance (6th and G, NW) between 1:00pm and 1:50pm. All Caps tickets will be honored.

- OnFrozenBlog has a great write-up on yesterday's visit by the Washington Capitals to Children's National Medical Center, complete with pictures and stories of the team (including one great shot of the Alexes coloring diligently with crayons). Their annual visit, incidentally, coincides with the launch of Capitals' Courage Caps, special team-issued hats that will be sold starting October 26th. 100% of the profits from the sale of these hats will go to benefit CureSearch National Childhood Caner Foundation.

- The Caps get a day off today after what was reportedly the longest practice session of the year yesterday, a two hour marathon that saw Hanlon putting the team through its paces and getting back to basics. To those of you saying they shouldn't have so much time off after a performance like this weekend, well...I'd like to see you strap on some skates and take a beating two nights in a row in hostile arenas and see how much rest you need. Hell, football players only do that once a week - and they sit out games for paper cuts.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how hockey players too the beating night after night as well, after playing our closest derby game yet (112(us) to 68.) I'm STILL sore, and that was Saturday.

and DAYUM, why did the Bears have to open this weekend? I'd SO have driven for the pens/caps at that price.


Anonymous said...

Also, did Ovechkin and Semin actually practice? Or did they just lounge around on the boards in bright purple shirts?


CapsChick said...

Oh, you're a funny, funny girl :P

Apparently neither was on the ice for most of the practice but they weren't being lazy or hanging out in brightly colored shirts (at least not that I know of). Semin is still injured and won't play on Thursday and apparently Ovie is nursing a minor injury as well. My poor babies :(

Tyler said...

Alright, let's go Pens!! I'll be in attendance.

And I guess UD as well...

CapsChick said...

Tyler, how did I know the first Caps-Pens game of the year would bring you out of hiding? ;)

Tyler said...

I know, it's amazing huh? It's odd that the game is so early in the season compared to years past!