Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Caps Host Bolts

Yikes - 8th game in and already slacking...gameday preview? No? Oops.

So. The biggest news going into tonight's game is the possible return of Alexander Semin to the lineup. I say possible only because there's no official word as to whether he's been taken off the IR but he did practice yesterday and participate in the morning skate. Plus Hanlon said he would play. Now we're just waiting on the paperwork to be finished. Hey, it wouldn't be Washington if something didn't get mired down in paperwork, right?

Semin's return, as I mentioned a few days ago, will hopefully spark the power play and the offense in general, both of which have been put it lightly. Other changes include Clark's shift to the top line alongside Ovechkin and Kozlov, Brooks Laich sliding into his spot on the checking line, and Dave Steckel centering the fourth line between Brashear and Fleischmann.

So Flash is now on a line with Brash - aside from the unfortunate rhyme, it seems like Flash might be on his way back to Hershey sooner rather than later. This is the third "demotion" he's had after starting the season on the first line, and we're less than ten games in. I say put Bradley back in, send Flash back to Hershey and call up Clymer.

It could happen...

I'll be at the game tonight, as I hope many of you will be as well, to see our first of eight games against the delightful Lightning. I'm even bringing a Thrashers fan with me who has promised to root for the Caps (although I think it's only so she can say her team won for once). Lots of things to watch for tonight, not the least of which is special teams in both directions, but with Bolts goaltending continuing to be, well, Bolts goaltending and the Caps offense sputtering, you have to think something has to give one way or the other.

Finally a quick shout-out to DCSportsChick, who has joined the world of OnFrozenBlog to keep those crazy boys in line and provide the female (read: intelligent) perspective on all things Caps. Good to see you back in the blogging world, DCSC - it was far too empty without you!


Finny said...

Dude. I'm so jealous. You're going to get a squee-ful of Shane O'Brien. I wasn't intending on saying anything of the sort, but you know how it is with me when I think of O'B. Random, weird, oddball, off-the-wall, open-mouth-insert-foot things come spurting from my lips. SUCH a bad habit.

anwyay, YES YES YES to semin's return PLEASE... that way I can change my fantasy lineup. Last season I had Crosby, this season, I have your boys SEMIN & OVIE. So, get that man healthy and back out there. =)

CapsChick said...

I don't squee ;) (Shhhhhh!)

Oh, god, the fantasy teams - yes. Mine have been hurting because Semin's on all of mine. He'd better stay healthy and score or...well, I'll just lose I guess. I would never hurt him.

You have BOTH my boys?? I'm so proud! Look at you with the Caps love.

Anonymous said...

Man, and here I am ready at the first sign of a Nidermayer/Selanne return to jettison half my team and snatch them up.

Not that it will help my EMPIRE of SUCK, but hey.

HG said...

But but but... you know...