Friday, October 05, 2007

Clymer Confusion

So the confusing saga of Ben Clymer continues, as Tarik is reporting that he has been recalled and will clear waivers tomorrow at noon. Whether that means he has actually cleared waivers or that if he clears, it will be tomorrow at noon is just one of the questions we have right now.

Is Semin's injury worse than we were made to believe? Is there a trade pending that would free up a roster spot? Is someone else, i.e. Sutherby, injured? Are the Caps hoping that some other team will just take him off their hands, even at a cost of half his salary? Will Susan ever get her memory back after the horrible car crash that left her with amnesia and two dead fianc├ęs? And who is Brett's real father?

Just when you thought you could get comfortable on the couch/bar stool and watch the Caps open the season with no worries in the world, this happens. And no one seems to know anything, so basically I'm merely the messenger, letting you know that...well, no one seems to know anything.

It's a riddle wrapped in a mystery tied with an enigma and covered in red, white and blue. Stay tuned.

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