Thursday, June 21, 2007

Draft Madness: Detour #2

I'll have more on draft history later tonight (I know - yippee, right??) but first a few tidbits:

- Tomorrow is, of course, the Caps' draft day party and the potentially anti-climactic uniform unveiling. I'll be there with some of my fellow bloggers to bring it to you live...okay, maybe not live, but pretty darn close. Should be a good time and I hope to see a good crowd there.

- After the draft party, feel free to join some of us for an informal get-together at Bailey's, regardless of whether you attended the official party or not! I'll try to think of a way to make our little group stick out among the usual Friday night bar crowd, so check back here sometime tomorrow for more details...

- Speaking of attending the draft party, if anyone has two extra tickets they're not using, please e-mail me ASAP. I know of one person who is looking for tickets to this sold out event and we don't want unused tickets to go to waste, now do we?

- Quick head count - who is going tomorrow night? Drop a comment!

1 comment:

Rob said...

Me and my wife/photographer will be there -- at least for a bit.