Monday, June 04, 2007

All Eyes On Ontario

Big hockey night around the leagues tonight, so get those bottles of beer cooled, those remotes warmed up, and that computer humming - lots to see!

- First up, the Hershey Bears make their first postseason visit to Hamilton for a game 3 tilt against the Bulldogs. After a flat start by Hershey and a stellar goaltending performance by Carey Price in Game 1, the Bears roared back (sorry, had to do it) to even up the series with a win Saturday night.

Can the boys from Chocolatetown take a 2-1 lead in the wilds of Ontario? Who knows...I can say this, though - I would get comfortable, this series could be a long one. Start time is 7:30 so plan for puck drop about 15 minutes later, probably about the time that Doc Emrick is perfecting his combover for tonight's NHL broadcast. You can catch all the thrilling AHL action online through B2 Networks.

Also, be sure to submit your questions at for our very own fauxhawk king, Mike Green, who steps into the AHL Chat Room tomorrow to face the firing squad. Want to know how AHL playoffs are preparing him for NHL life? Curious about his sudden scoring prowess? Dying to know just what hair products he uses? Send those inquiries along and see what he says!

(If someone actually does submit that hair product question and it gets picked I'll send you a cookie...)

- And then, the main event...a reinvigorated Ottawa team takes on a Pronger-less Ducks squad as they attempt to tie the series at two. We've had two really good, evenly played games and one 1-0 slaughter by the Ducks, so it's a toss-up what kind of a game we'll see tonight.

Here's a few things we'll definitely see, though:

- Eddie Olczyk will call at least two penalty calls "bad calls" and scoff about them long after the penalty is expired
- Chris Neil will yap at someone and try and get them to drop the gloves before the puck is even dropped
- J.S. Giguere will drink out of a straw...hey, at least he's graduated from the sippy cup
- Chris Pronger will be in the press box - I'm guessing he'll be heavily sedated to prevent him from trying to decapitate any of the media; luckily there are only two or three of them, so they'll be able to keep some empty chairs between them
- Jason Spezza will make a beautiful play then promptly turn over the puck, à la Alexander Semin
- Ryan Getzlaf will say a bad word right when the camera has his face in close up
- Bryan Murray will stand behind the bench, arms crossed, glowering at something - whether he's happy or not
- At least five crazy Sens fans dressed as Roman warriors will appear on camera throughout the night
- Arnold Schwarzenegger will not drop the puck to start the game. Thank god.

Playoff action hot and heavy all over the place? Can you feel the excitement? CAN YOU?

...meh. Sort of.

- Just a quick note about the Blogger Playoff Pool - I've got one poor sucker's Caps post (pending final approval) but am still awaiting the other two.

You know who you are,'s best just to get it over with, do it quickly and painfully, like ripping off a band-aid. And pouring acid over it. Then throwing on a Caps jersey.

See? Not so bad! :)


Chris & Sarah said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Canada's Fashion Guru. Haven't seen a live Don Cherry rant since moving down here. Hope I don't get too teary eyed and home sick.

Gotta run out and stock up on Labatt's before the puck drop.


CapsChick said...

Oh, good ol' Grapes. Seeing him with Hull should be pretty interesting, eh?

And I'm so glad you said Labatt's and not Molson. YAY BLUE!


Biff said...

Jeez... Only one period in and Olczyk has already reached his quota. We get it, Ed, every time a penalty is called on the Ducks, the Ottawa player dove.

Elly said...

You know, it IS remarkably like ripping off a bandaid and then pouring acid on it...although I have no strange urgings for a Caps jersey.

Murshawursha said...

I hope they invite Don Cherry back... not too many people out there who can actually shut Brett Hull up.

Steph said...

$#(&*#(@&$#*ing STRAW! I didn't even SEE last night's game and it still makes me mad!