Friday, June 22, 2007

Draft Day Mania Hits Arlington

It's....DRAFT DAY! *dancing to imaginary music in my head*

Okay, so I'm not a draft geek as I've said before and I know just about as much about the top five guys as I do about the bottom five. The draft usually holds little excitement for me, although I do love seeing the pimply-faced teens shaking as they make their way up to the podium. I love the pomp and circumstance of it all, the GMs thanking the host city and/or their fans at home, the requisite booing of Gary Bettman (and whatever team happens to be a rival of the host city), the awed gasps when the smallest trade is announced...all fun.

The draft itself? It's kind of anticlimactic because unless they're an Ovechkin-esque player the likelihood of any of these young'uns pulling on a jersey in the upcoming season is pretty slim. I don't get all excited by a player being taken out of the speculated order or a player taking a nosedive from where they were projected to go.

So why am I dancing around to imaginary music?

Because it's hockey. It's something. It's a breather from the heat and humidity of the DC summer, a respite rinkside as the future of the NHL is officially introduced to the world. That's on top of the fact that the new uniforms will be officially revealed tonight, as modeled by our very own Washington Capitals. Wonder if they'll do a little turn on the catwalk in their new red white and blues...if they start "Voguing" I promise to get it on video.

(Too bad Brash won't be there.)

For those of you in the area, either attending the draft party or just within stumbling distance of Ballston, feel free to swing by Bailey's after the party for the after-party. Bailey's is located right in Ballston Mall, on the corner of Wilson and Glebe in Arlington. The official end time is 10:00 so as soon as we bloggers finish up our press duties we'll head over, I'd say around 10:30.

It will be totally informal because I'm not a good planner like JP - I figure we'll just invade and set up shop somewhere. Don't mock, but I'll even have a little sign that says CAPS FANS or something similar, so keep an eye out. You can also look for my illustrious fellow blogger DCSportsChick, who actually has a picture on her blog.

I like to keep my anonymity just in case I piss someone off...wouldn't be the first time. Hope to see you all there!


hockeygirl said...


The end.

Anonymous said...

Bettman's gotta go!

Shelby said...

Oh goodness, I'm so excited!! I'm a-hunting for my silver sharpies for jersey signing!

CapsChick said...

I'm kind of freaking out - not only are my favorite players going to be there (hello, Clarkie and Clymer) but Mike frickin' Gartner and Sylvain frakkin' Cote? Kelly MILLER? Are you kidding me?

Love it.

Now I just have to think of questions to ask all of them that don't make me sound like a raging moron...

Chris & Sarah said...

I can't believe you'd pass up watching a taped rebroadcast of the NHL Awards, and Sid the Kid making an awards hat trick. ;>)

CapsChick said...

Yeah, sorry I missed that...that would have been much better than talking to Chris Clark and Ben Clymer. :)

Chris & Sarah said...

I guess we all have to make sacrifices.

Just not sure who was making the sacrifice, you or me.