Thursday, June 28, 2007

Obscurity, Thy Name is Hockey 4

The question came up earlier today as to where I got these random quotes. Some of them have been contributed by friendly readers (and are attributed as such) but mostly it is from a lifetime of watching too much TV and too many movies...and getting excited whenever the briefest mention of hockey comes up. After that its just a matter of tracking down the exact quote using whatever information I can remember and our good friend Google. Ah, the inner workings of a blogger's life - thrilling, no?

Here we go - I'll ease you in with a pretty simple one, entry #5:

Man: Oh my God! A penalty shot with only four seconds left. It's your child versus mine! The winner will be showered with praise; the loser will be taunted and booed until my throat is sore!

Now here's the toughie - if anyone knows it, I'll be shocked. I'm even using two quotes from the same scene just to help you out, but I don't know that it will. Oh, and good luck using Google on this one...I've checked, if it's on there it's buried deep in the vastness of the interweb. So there.

#1: Perfect? It’s a hockey game.
#2: It’ll be fun. There’ll be cheerleaders and clowns, people doing the wave.
#1: You have no idea what a hockey game is, do you?

Girl A:
It’s cold in here.
Girl B: It’s the ice.
Girl A: Oh my God, there really is ice. Cool.
Girl B: What are you doing here?
Girl A: I’m hockeying.
Girl B: That’s not a word.

Give it your best shot - good luck!


Victor said...

The first one is Homer Simpson from "The Simpsons."

And right now, I have no idea on the second.

CapsChick said...

Good job, Victor! I figured that wouldn't take long for someone to get. So we have a winner of #4...#5 remains up for grabs!

Jordi said...


Anonymous said...

the second one is from the Gilmore Girls... and the only reason I know that is because my girlfriend (and your roommate, my sister) has made me watch the show :)

Chris & Sarah said...

I would say that the second is from episode #315 of the Gilmore Girls titled "Face Off". Girl A is Rory Gilmore, and Girl B is Lane Kim.

You know, it's amazing that I don't even watch the show and I knew that. But I cheated and Yahoo'ed the dialog.

Chris & Sarah said...

Damn. I spent too much time reading the transcript, and someone beat me too it.

CapsChick said...

Yay! We've officially brainwashed you...I'm so proud. BUT can you name the characters?

CapsChick said...

Crap...never mind. Chris and Sarah almost beat me to it - but the first part features one different character. Quick, who knows it??

Shelby said...

Is it Lorelei? I might as well interject my uneducated guess... =]

CapsChick said...



Victor said...

Yeah, sorry Capschick, but all I did was google "I'm hockeying" and everything came up in about two seconds. But I didn't post it because that' know...cheating.