Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hello, Mojo?

Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals takes place in Anaheim tonight, with the Ducks looking to take care of business on home ice and capture their first Cup in franchise history.

Whether or not the Senators live to fight another day, tonight's game marks the beginning of the end - the first official potential elimination game of the last series of the 2006-07 postseason...say that ten times fast.

As we stand on the cusp of a long, hot summer with nary a hockey puck or glove save in sight, I've been reflecting on the fact that somehow my rants have become less frenzied, less maniacal, less frequent since the season ended.

It's not that there hasn't been plenty to write about - Chris Pronger's twin suspensions for attempted beheadings; Buffalo's fantastically wonderful crash and burn; Dominik Hasek's complete lack of a spinal cord; and much, much more. Lack of discussion topics has never been a problem.

I think, in fact, that I've pinpointed the's the Caps' fault.

Really. Here's my thought process:

Last season ('05-'06) the Caps were supposed to stink. They were supposed to achieve nothing, and for the most part they lived up to that underwhelming goal, which is fine; a young team, rebuilding after a lockout, there was no reason for them to be good. But then the last part of the season kicked in and they were doing a strange and wonderful thing - they were winning. They were playing well. They made us all excited and suddenly despite their absence in the postseason, it flew by. I couldn't wait until the season started up again because I knew they were only going to build on that success.


Fast-forward to this season. The Caps get off to a good start and kick it into high gear in December...then proceed to crumble thanks to injuries and youth and lack of depth and whatever else you want to point to. They slide down the standings until they are fighting for a top 5 draft pick. Mission accomplished. So for me and really for all Caps fans, the season has been over for a looooong time - our new horizon becoming this summer, particularly July 1. Ever notice how a date can seem so far away when you're waiting for it? Case in point, this postseason.

So basically I have nothing of substance to babble about because my eyes are glued on July 1, waiting for the moment that I'll hear we've signed Alexei Yashin to some ridiculously long and expensive contract. Good times.

On a semi-related note, my lack of babbling mojo apparently does not extend to talking online during games - a fact that is clearly spelled out here...or for a slightly older, more manic and completely obscenity-filled, R-rated version, here.

I love that I sound like an idiot and people post it for everyone to see...thanks, guys. Thanks. Really. Expect me to return the favor very, very soon.

(And please don't point out the fact that I just posted it for more people to see...I'm aware.)

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