Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TV Schedule

- The Caps' broadcast schedule has (finally) been released - Comcast SportsNet will again cover the majority of the games, with additional broadcasts being shown on the CW and Newschannel 8.

Now would be a fitting time to complain about the lack of nationally-televised games granted to the Caps this year, but I will refrain and let the numbers do the talking. Conventional wisdom suggests that more games would go to those that performed well last year. Sounds reasonable, right? Let's see how the bottom tier of the league shapes up this year: Number of games on Versus/NBC for the Blues? 5. The Blackhawks? 8. The big bad Pens? 11.

Now let's see how many the Caps have...3. And oh, yeah, two of those games are against...you guessed it, the Penguins! But really, the NHL doesn't play favorites at all.

- Be sure to check out a nice piece on underrated young defenseman Shaone Morrisonn by Caps' beat writer Mike Vogel. Olie continues to praise Morrisonn in every interview - that alone speaks volumes about his development over the last year. Such a great addition and a definite improvement over what was given up in my opinion...Gonchar? Gonchar who?

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