Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Captain Has Arrived

Clark has been all over the local media as he is introduced to the fans as the 13th captain of the Washington Capitals - okay, maybe not all over, but he did force CSN's SportsNite to take a timeout from the Redskins/Ravens lovefest to insert some *gasp* hockey into the broadcast...

By the way, did anyone notice that they interviewed him wearing an ill-fitting, awkwardly draped jersey next to an ice rink? As if to tell the Redskins faithful, "Psst...this guy's a hockey player. It's that game they play on that frozen stuff." Whatever works, I guess.

Anyways, so far Clarkie has done us proud, saying all the right things and being so self-aware that he almost seems embarassed to be the center of attention. It's what all good captains do - Sakic, Yzerman, heck, let's throw Hunter in there for good measure - represent the team without acting like you are the team. Look at all of the current NHL captains and try to find an ego among them (okay, Yashin maybe, but could you really call him a captain? Really?)

And let's not forget the most important thing - Clark is a Red Sox fan, which as we all know is a sign of intelligence (and sometimes insanity, but they really go hand in hand). How can you not love a guy like that? :)

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