Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beavis and Bullethead

I've said it before that I'm not really a fan of Elliot in the Morning on DC101 and haven't been since high school. While I'd like to think that my humor has matured a little since then, the show has remained essentially the same and is now too harsh for my old ears so early in the morning. Yet every time I see that a member of the Capitals organization will be on his show, I dig up my old portable radio, plug in my headphones, and wait out the fart jokes and misogynistic remarks in eager anticipation of things to come.

It's not just my incessant need to surround myself with anything related to the Caps - Elliot is a true fan of the team and hockey in general, a fact which comes through in his interviewing. Players are more relaxed on his show; they know him and have fun talking to him because he knows what he's talking about. Zednik called in all the way from Slovakia after he was traded to the Caps, a true testament of how much the players appreciate his efforts. Today was no different - Olie Kolzig showed up in the studio for what would turn out to be a highly entertaining 30-minute interview, something you rarely hear with anyone during the morning commute, let alone a hockey player.

During this blissful half-hour, they covered anything that casual and rabid fans alike would want to know - do the guys get jealous or upset at the attention focused on Ovie (no, because he deserves it and brings attention to all of them, and he's always a team player first...ahem, are you listening Mr. Jagr?), do you like training camp (it's a necessary evil but would prefer to start the season right away), do you ever put alcohol in your water bottle during games (NO!), that kind of thing.

There weren't any bombshells dropped, no major news to report (although I did learn that Elliot is originally from Montreal - who knew?), nothing that would set the Caps message boards blazing. It was just a fun conversation to listen to from beginning to end that reenforced everything I love about Kolzig and reminded me why I bother to turn on EITM at all.

- Not Caps-related, but I thought I should mention the end of an era - Ye Olde Bullethead, also known as Tie Domi, has announced that he is retiring from the NHL after 16 seasons. As much as I loved to hate him, Domi was always entertaining and could be counted on for some interesting highlight clips, whether he was throwing water on a fan or somehow putting the puck in the net. I wish him good luck in his future pursuits - might I suggest a job in customer service?

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