Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caps Ground Flyers, 6-1

Last night made me happy. Not because it was the best game ever played by a Caps team - I'm sure it was far from it. And had I seen any of it (thanks, B2 networks!) I doubt I would have thought otherwise. What I like about the results of tonight's game can be boiled down to a few simple things:

- The Caps won in Philadelphia in front of 17,993 pissed off Philly fans. In case you're curious, the last time the Caps won in the city of brotherly love was January 31, 1998.
Now, technically the Flyers are still undefeated at home against the Caps because this was a preseason win. I choose to ignore that technicality.

- The power play converted on 3 of 10 opportunities, and 10 of 11 penalties were killed with a bonus shorthanded goal - so I was a little off on my 100%, but not by much. Yet another game basically decided by special teams, and for once the Caps came out on top.

- The Caps' blue line had 7 points in the lopsided contest, and Ovechkin's lone appearance on the score sheet was a 5-minute fighting major. Cue 'Twilight Zone' music here. (By the way, Ovie apparently got his butt kicked...and was grinning about it afterwards. I love this kid!)

All in all, good stuff from the boys in white tonight. I'd like to see them carry it into Friday's rematch back at the Phone Booth, especially since I'll be there. :)

- Meanwhile, Profile-o-Rama continues with our latest standout performer, Jakub Klepis. Jakie is apparently now competing with Beech and Giroux for the final center spot. I really love this competition - I had my doubts about our depth at center, as did many others, but I've been really impressed with what I've seen and heard so far. There may not be a Forsberg in that bunch, but there are definitely capable centers in the system.

- Anyone in the DC-area should be sure to check out the Nats-Phillies game tomorrow night, where as I'm sure you all know Ovie will be throwing the first pitch. Let's just hope his fastball is better than his right hook...or his golf swing...

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