Friday, September 15, 2006

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Training camp is officially underway! And here I am, at work; another day, another 10 cents.

I did catch a little of Elliott in the Morning on my way in today - someone mentioned that training camp was starting and he got really excited, saying he couldn't wait then bursting into a rendition of C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! I also caught the tail-end of a phone interview with Sutherby - nothing really new, just good to hear Sudsy's voice. You know, I may not like EITM that much, but he's been good to the Caps over the years and you have to love someone with that much enthusiasm for the game. The guys seem to love talking to him, too. Of course, he's also a crazy Skins fan, but no one's perfect...

Check out yet another great article by Caps' writer Mike Vogel - it's a great summary of what the Caps are expecting for this upcoming season and what fans can look forward to.

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