Friday, September 29, 2006

Gameday Preview Cop-Out

I will not be presenting my award-winning and crowd-pleasing gameday preview today. It's not because I'm too busy or too lazy (although both are somewhat true) - it's because we just played the Flyers on Tuesday and as a casual observer I have nothing more to add about tonight's game.

Okay, the venue has changed. And two fewer players will be on the roster. And tonight marks what is likely the last test for Giroux, Klepis, Beech and Fata. And Zubrus is making his preseason debut. All things that have been mentioned before (except the change in venue - that's a DCCheapSeats exclusive!! Woo hoo!)

So instead I will send you to people that have much more expertise on the subject - I give you the great Mike Vogel, the always cheery Dave Fay, and the requisite Philly article:
Giroux/Clymer Profiles
Washington Times
C'mon, Esche Isn't That Bad!

I'll be at the game tonight and I hope to return tomorrow with a thorough review of the game, words of praise and high hopes after a blowout Caps''s time to make the entire city of Philadelphia hate DC even more (HAHAHA - GO NATS!)

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