Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Man Puts His Foot Down...

This just in:

"Verizon Center Policy Update: In an effort to comply with current industry standards and to add to the safety of our patrons, Verizon Center will no longer allow fans and patrons to bring in outside food or beverages. As Verizon Center is in the heart of a bustling downtown area, Verizon Center encourages fans and patrons to visit one of the many restaurant options available prior to attending an event. During an event, fans and patrons are encouraged to visit one of the concession stands offering a variety of food options."

You heard it here, kids - if you want to add liquor to your soda or chuck your sandwich at the referee (10 points if you crack the hairspray on Kerry Fraser's head), you now have to pay twice as much for the privilege. Of course, if they're really going to use the safety excuse, they may want to make the burgers at the arena a little less puck-like. Those things could pack a wollop if "accidentally" thrown by even my girly arm at say, a Penguins fan or something.

Thanks for the great journalistic work by our reporter in the field (aka my way of the Caps' message boards...from

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