Monday, September 25, 2006

No News is Good News?

There is so little information about the Caps-Devils game last night, even for a preseason game...even links to the AP report from the home page. I guess that blowout crowd of just over 3,000 fans didn't contain any reporters. Special thanks to Dave Fay for providing us die-hards with the best recap so far:

- It's a good sign that Clark is back to his old feisty self after undergoing abdominal surgery in the offseason. His game is one that is so dependent on being physically 100%, and I was nervous about his recovery period after learning of his surgery. Good to know that Captain Clark is back in action.

- Best way to incite a riot in chocolateville - announce over the loudspeaker that your star player and franchise cornerstone is not playing due to injury. A reminder to all you crazy Caps fans, we continue to be told that it is a minor injury - please remain calm and keep things in perspective. It's just preseason (although you probably can't tell that from the frequency of my posts...)

- One thing I should point out - the 'bubble' players Fay mentions probably aren't really that much on the cusp, they just haven't been cut yet. I'd say this last look will be to determine who gets a shot later in the year as injuries start to occur, not to decide if they warrant a permanent roster spot. Giroux, Wiseman, even Schultz - these are not guys anybody expected to crack the lineup barring a major breakout performance in the preseason, at least not this year. The exception would probably be Klepis and Fleischmann, who really are making their presence felt and could be a factor as final cuts are made this week.

It's getting interesting, kids - stay tuned as we stagger through the final week of preseason! 11 days and counting...

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