Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Meet...Daniel Briere

Playoff series are a great way to get to know another team - but it's always fun to do a little scouting ahead of time, isn't it? We'll start with none other than the magical spearing midget himself, Daniel Briere.

Name: Daniel Briere
Born: October 6, 1977
From: Gatineau, PQ
Height: 5'10" (...uh-huh. Sure.)
Weight: 181 lbs
Position: Center
Career with Philadelphia: Signed as a ridiculously overpaid free agent on July 1; currently serving out an 8-year, $52 million sentence contract with a no-trade clause
2007-08 Season: 79 games played; 31-41-72, 68 PIM, -22

Caps Connection: The "Incident"...

Greatest accomplishments: Winning the 2007 NHL All-Star Game MVP; convincing Gepetto that he was a real live boy

Hobbies: big game hunting, jabbing a stick into the midsections of unsuspecting passersby, knitting little woolen booties for himself

Favorite Movies: The Wizard of Oz; Rudy; The Station Agent

Other Fun Facts: Once spray-painted himself orange, dyed his hair green and danced around the locker room as an Oompa Loompa to cheer up his team after a loss


Anonymous said...

He's 5'10" the way Chris Bourque is 5'9". I stood next to Baby!Bourque the other day and could look him in the eye. He's not over 5'6" and that's being generous.

harrison said...

Caps fans can sleep well at night knowing that Ovie, who is truly a real boy (in the body of a beast) has only gotten bigger and stronger since "the incident". His exuberant seven year old grin and jubilant celebrating serve to remind us that despite his size and ferocity on the ice he would never have to convince Gepetto of anything.

Chris & Sarah said...

You know, the incredible spearing midget is just small enough that Ovie may just miss him when celebrating one of his goals, and could possibly squish him against the glass in all the excitement.

(Oh how I wish.....)

Anonymous said...

he is a cute little guy, though. ya know -in a defenseless baby panda sort of way.

time for a some 'panda poachin'

Ally said...

Say what you want about him, but he's still a pretty good player.
Of course, he doesn't have the toughness that Ovechkin has.