Monday, April 07, 2008

Let's Go, Nats!

It's been great to see the growing friendship over the past few years between the Caps and other local sports teams like the Washington Nationals, and tonight Mike Green and Cristobal Huet became the fourth and fifth members of the Caps to make their way out to the mound to throw out the opening pitch. Here are a few captured moments from the evening:

There was a nice little presentation on the beautiful new video screen with highlights from Saturday's still gives me chills even days later, and seeing it on that screen was pretty special for some reason.

Green and Huet make their way out to the mound. Yes, even at baseball games I'm bringing you a view from the cheap seats... Green after his pitch - looked pretty good to me!
Huet getting ready for his turn
Getting critiqued by Jason Bergmann
Huet's second job of the evening was the delivery of the line-up cards...
...and apparently chatting up the umpires. "Hey, guys, help out the Nats and I'll get you Caps playoff tickets!" (It didn't work, sorry, Cris.)
Green's second task was to get the game underway with the traditional "Let's Play Ball!"
Poor Mike's mic didn't work, though, so they got him another...which also didn't work. He took it in stride, though!

A little love from the Nats for the postseason run.

Okay, so when do we get to see Felipe Lopez and Ryan Zimmerman out on the ice?

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dmg said...

I'd rather see someone get Dimitri young or Jon Rauch on skates